Expenses Distribution

So this is all very good, but where did all that money go ? To find this out, let us build a report on the tracker. Right click on our tracker line and choose Open report....

This will open a report in a new tab, only for operations associated with the tracker. The default parameters for dates are "Current Month", so there is a possibility that the report is empty if all operations in the tracker were made before this. Let's change it to "All Dates":

This gives a first nice overview of the expenses per category. Let's display this in a pie chart, for a more natural presentation:

It is now quite clear that most of the holidays expenses were for transport and food. Any more indication ? Sure, let's dig one level more in categories, using the plus icon .

Hmm, not much more information here, except that in the "Transport" category, the "Car" subcategory is the only one used. Let's build a graph on that subcategory, by selecting the pie slice, right-clicking on it, and select Open report:

This will open another tab with a report only with the "Transport > Car" category.

Hmm, not really interesting... But there are more subcategories. Let's expand it again:

Ah, now we know that we spent 362.27€ on fuel, and 131.90€ on road taxes (in France, you have to pay to drive on some highways). Ok, I know this was to be expected ;-). I am also interested in knowing how these two categories were used over time:

Note that we changed the graph type to "Line", and the columns to "Week".