Session Management

Jost Schenck

Revision Plasma 5.14 (2018-11-28)

Table of Contents

Desktop Session

Desktop Session


In this System Settings module you can configure Plasma™'s session manager and logout settings.

Session management refers to Plasma™'s ability to save the state of applications and windows when you log out of Plasma™ and restore them when you log back in.


Confirm logout

If this option is checked, when logging out, Plasma™ will display a dialog with a default timeout of 30 seconds asking for confirmation. In this dialog you can also choose whether you want to restore your current session when you login the next time.

Offer shutdown options

If this option is checked, Plasma™ will offer a choice of actions during logout. These include simply ending the current session (the action performed if shutdown options are not enabled) turning off the computer, or restarting the computer.

Default Leave Option

You can configure what should happen by default when you log out of Plasma™. These options are not possible on all operating systems, and some of them may not appear unless you are using SDDM as your login manager.

The options available are self explanatory, if you are in doubt, leave the default settings. They are:

  • End current session (this is the default)

  • Turn off computer

  • Restart computer

On Login

You may choose one of three options on what should happen when you log into Plasma™:

Restore previous session

If this option is checked, Plasma™ will save your current session's state when you logout. Plasma™ will restore your session on the next login, so you can continue to work with a desktop just like you left it.

Restore manually saved session

Instead of restoring Plasma™ to the state it was when you logged out last, it will be restored to a specific state that you have saved manually.

If this option is checked, the application menu offers an additional item Power / SessionSave Session.

Start with an empty session

If you choose this option, Plasma™ will never restore sessions that it has saved.

Finally, you can enter a colon (:) or comma (,) separated list of applications that should be excluded from sessions, and therefore will not be started when restoring a session. For example xterm:konsole or xterm,konsole.