Chapter 4. Configure KMail

Daniel Naber

David Rugge

Marc Mutz

Michel Boyer de la Giroday

Laurent Montel

Scarlett Clark

Revision (KDE
4.12) (2013-12-18)

General Information

Configure KMail Dialog

Configure KMail Dialog

KMail's configuration window enables you to configure KMail in many ways. You can reach it via SettingsConfigure KMail...

The dialog has several buttons:


This will open this manual at the appropriate page.


This will reset the configuration options on the current page back to the default values.


This resets all changes you have made since you last saved the settings.


This saves the settings and closes the configuration dialog.


This saves the settings without closing the configuration dialog.


This closes the configuration dialog without saving the changes you have made.

The configuration pages are divided into six pages, each of them represented by one of the icons in the list on the left hand side of the dialog. The pages will be described in detail below.