Command Line Interface

Command line options are provided to enable other programs to start up KAlarm if it is not already running, in order to trigger or cancel scheduled alarms, or schedule new alarms. The reason for using command line options for this purpose is that if KAlarm were started without any command line parameters and then sent D-Bus requests, it would start in its default graphical mode, which is clearly undesirable for an inter-program request.


Programs should first check whether KAlarm is already running; if it is, they should instead use D-Bus calls to request these operations.

The command line options for scheduling a new alarm are as described in the chapter Command Line Operation. The options for triggering and canceling scheduled alarms are as follows:


Normal users may also if they wish use these command line options (assuming that they can supply the necessary parameter information).

--cancelEvent eventIDCancel the alarm with the specified event ID. --triggerEvent cannot be specified with this option.
--triggerEvent eventIDTrigger the alarm with the specified event ID. The action taken is the same as for the triggerEvent() D-Bus call. --cancelEvent cannot be specified with this option.

Examples are:

% kalarm --triggerEvent KAlarm-387486299.702
% kalarm --cancelEvent KAlarm-388886299.793