Chapter 1. Introduction

Sieve Editor is an editor for Sieve scripts used for email filtering on a mail server.

Using Sieve Editor

Sieve Editor provides a GUI to perform these tasks:

  • Manage your Sieve servers

  • Upload, import and deactivate scripts, refresh the list with scripts

  • Create and edit Sieve scripts

  • Import and share scripts

  • Check the script syntax, autogenerate and debug scripts

Sieve Editor can be used independent from Akonadi or KMail, you only need a mail server with support for Sieve scripts.

In a KDE Plasma Desktop™ the passwords are stored in KWallet

First Start

At the first start of Sieve Editor the server configuration dialog is displayed.

Server Configuration

In this dialog you can add, modify and remove your mails servers.

Later you can use FileAdd Server or the configuration dialog for these tasks.

On the next start Sieve Editor automatically fetches all available scripts from the servers.

Script Editing

The editor supports autocompletion and syntax highlighting.

Script Editing

Script Tools

The actions in the Tools menu enable you to check the syntax of your scripts, autogenerate and debug scripts.

Autogenerate scripts

Integrated Help

You can use the integrated help support and click with the right mouse button on a keyword of the Sieve language. Then the corresponding section of the documentation is downloaded from the Internet and displayed in the Help tab.

Integrated Help