Chapter 1. Introduction

Parley is a vocabulary trainer. It helps you to memorize your vocabulary, for example when you are trying to learn a foreign language. You can create your own vocabulary collections with the words you need or select from a great variety of available Vocabulary Collections. There you can find collections containing language vocabulary and also anatomy, music, geography, chemistry or exam preparation.

Parley is very flexible and uses the flash card learning approach. It automatically keeps track of your learning progress. With Parley you can arrange your vocabulary as you wish, you create your own lessons as needed. But unlike real flash cards you can use different learning methods with Parley.

Flashcards contain expressions on the front side and their translation on the back. You start with a pile of cards. If you know the translation on a card, you can put it into a second pile of cards. If you did not remember it, you keep it in the first one to try again later.

Parley's main focus is not to teach you grammar. However, there are some exercise forms which may help you in this matter.

Parley consists of two big parts: Vocabulary Practice and an Editor for Vocabulary Collections.

In this manual the term Vocabulary Collection refers to a file that contains Units. Each unit can be a lesson or a collection of lessons nested to any depth. In the rest of this manual we will refer to units rather than lessons since they can be used for other purposes too.

Both, the Editor and the Practice can be reached from the Practice Overview.

The Practice consists of three parts: first the Practice Overview where you choose what to practice. From there you start the actual Practice and when you are done, you get a Summary.


Like in all applications try to use the right-click if you explore features and functionality in Parley. Make click with the right mouse button displays a context menu that shows what you can do with your present situation. Try right-clicking units and words to find some options.