Chapter 2. Using System Monitor

Getting started

System Monitor can be started from the application launcher menu, using the entry System Monitor in the ApplicationsSystem menu. Alternatively, you can start it by typing ksysguard in a terminal.

The System Monitor main window consists of a menu bar, an optional tool bar and status bar, and the work space. Custom worksheets will also show the sensor browser.

By default System Monitor shows two worksheets: Process Table and System Load. The Process Table lists the running processes and lets the user control them. Multiple processes can be selected and controlled at once. The System Load worksheet shows graphs of system utilization: CPU History, Memory and Swap History, and the Network History.

This default setup is sufficient enough for an inexperienced user to do some system management. An experienced user or even a system administrator of a large computer lab has different needs. To address a wide range of users, System Monitor is highly flexible.


You can launch the Process Table using the global shortcut Ctrl+Esc at any time. The process table is displayed in a window titled System Activities.