Chapter 1. Introduction

The regular expression editor is an editor for editing regular expression in a graphical style (in contrast to the ASCII syntax). Traditionally regular expressions have been typed in the ASCII syntax, which for example looks like ^.*kde\b. The major drawbacks of this style are:

  • It is hard to understand for non-programmers.

  • It requires that you escape certain symbols (to match a star for example, you need to type \*).

  • It requires that you remember rules for precedence (What does x|y* match? a single x or a number of y, OR a number of x and y's mixed?)

The regular expression editor, on the other hand, lets you draw your regular expression in an unambiguous way. The editor solves at least item two and three above. It might not make regular expressions available for the non-programmers, though only tests by users can tell that. So, if are you a non programmer, who has gained the power of regular expression from this editor, then please let me know.