Setting Categories from the Viewer

Category can be selected on viewer by starting to type the category name. Selection is made immediately when there is only one matching category left.

To switch to category selection mode simply type slash (/). Possible options are shown after Assigning: text in curly brackets and it is immediately revised once more letters are typed. When a category is selected you can keep on typing to select the item value. Following image shows this in action and below it is explanation how this all works.

Figure 5.8. Selecting Categories in Viewer

Selecting Categories in Viewer

Follow the category setup below to better understand this explanation. Starting by typing "/k" the input selection will shift from "Tokens" to "Keywords" (since K is unique). After that, typing "g" will assign the "good" keyword immediately to the image. Typing "b" will show B{ad,oring} in the info box and typing "a" or "o" next will complete the match and assign the result to the image. Typing "/p" will work similarly and show the partial category match "P{eople,laces} so you can type "e" or "l" to complete "People" or "Places" respectively.

  • Tokens

    • A..Z

  • Keywords

    • Good

    • Bad

    • Boring

  • People

    • George

    • Fred

  • Places

    • Internet

Exact words

If you want to insert a new word or have words like boa and board you need to be able to type in the exact word you want to insert or select. This can be achieved by starting the word with double quote (") and ending with comma (,). If we would select boa immediately when it is typed you could not select board and otherwise we would be waiting for more key presses and you could not select boa.

Figure 5.9. Selecting Exact Words in Viewer

Selecting Exact Words in Viewer

Always start with category selection

If you type two '/'s in a row it will toggle between two different modes. The default mode described above and a category selection mode. In the latter mode we go straight back to category selection after a match. That way you can continually select items within different categories. It'll still do the fastest match possible so that typing "kbo" will still match "Keywords/Boring" in the example set above.

Assigning shortcuts

If the current input is blank (e.g. you're not in the middle of selecting anything) and you hit a function key F1 through F12 (or up to F35 if your keyboard supports), it will assign the last matched assignment to that key. You can apply the same assignment to new images just by hitting the shortcut key. To remove use shift modifier and the shortcut (Shift+F#). This is useful for quickly assigning frequently repeating items in your current set of images. It remembers both the category and the category item. These shortcuts are remembered until KPhotoAlbum is closed, there is currently no support for replacing the assigned shortcut.