XML Input

Your program will receive XML in its standard input stream, it will have the opportunity to modify it, and then it must hand it back to Kopete by way of its standard output stream. If your program modifies the following elements, the internal knowledge that Kopete has of the message will be modified to reflect your changes.

  • "message" attribute "timestamp" but not other time attributes

  • "message" attribute "subject"

  • "message" attribute "type"

  • "message" attribute "importance"

  • "body" attribute "color". This is usually set to a web color number, but can be set to a name. The names defined by SVG are accepted by QColor in Qt 4, so they are the only names that may be used.

  • "body" attribute "bgcolor" — same behaviour as "color"

  • content of element "body"

If you modify elements or their attributes not mentioned above, your changes to those elements will have no effect.