The Chat Window's Menus

Chat Menu

ChatSend Message (Return)

Sends a message.

ChatSave (Ctrl+S)

Saves the content of the chat to a file.

ChatPrint... (Ctrl+P)

Prints off a hard copy of the chat.


This menu lists all the people in the chat. You have access to the same contact menu you get by right-clicking a contact's name in the Contact List, allowing you to perform contact specific actions such as sending them a file, viewing their user info or blocking them.

ChatClose (Ctrl+W)

Closes the current chat. If there are chats taking place in other tabs in this window, the window will stay open.

ChatQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Closes all chats taking place in this window.

Edit Menu

EditCut (Ctrl+X)

Cutting text works as with most editors: the selected text is removed and put into the clipboard. Note that you can also select text and drag it to a new position.

EditCopy (Ctrl+C)

Copying text works as with most editors: the selected text is copied to the clipboard. Note that you can also select text while holding the Ctrl key, and drag it to a new position to copy it.

EditPaste (Ctrl+V)

Pasting works the same as with most editors: the text from the clipboard is pasted at the current cursor position.

Format Menu

FormatAdd Smiley

This menu contains all the smileys/emoticons that the current emoticon scheme includes. You can change the scheme in the Configure Kopete Dialog.

Tabs Menu

TabsTab Placement

This menu allows you to change whether tabs appear at the top or the bottom of the chat view.

TabsDetach Chat (Ctrl+Shift+B)

Separates the current chat into its own window.

TabsMove Tab to Window

You can move chats between windows using this menu. Choose the chat window the tab should move to from the menu.

Tools Menu

This menu contains items added by the plugins you have loaded. See the plugins chapter for details.

Settings Menu

Kopete has a default KDE Settings menu as described in the KDE Fundamentals with additional entries:

SettingsShow Participants

This menu controls whether the Participants list appears on the right of the Chat View.

Help Menu

The chat window has the common KDE Help menu items, for more information read the section about the Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.