Chapter 1. Introduction

Kopete, the KDE instant messaging client

Before starting...

If you're not familiar with Instant Messaging, please read the Getting Started section to learn about this wonderful world before continuing.

What is Kopete?

Kopete is the KDE instant messaging (IM) client. It allows you to communicate with your friends and colleagues using various instant messaging services. A single program is easy to learn and convenient if your friends or colleagues use more than one IM service.

Kopete is designed to integrate well with your KDE desktop; to make it immediately familiar. The user interface is clean and simple, without any frills to distract the user. At the same time, Kopete aims to make communication the focus of IM, by removing the differences between different IM systems. One feature Kopete introduced to support this is the Metacontact, combining the various means there are to contact someone into a single person in your contact list. Other multiprotocol instant messengers list the same person's various IM accounts separately, making it confusing for non experienced people. Kopete makes life easy: a metacontact is a person, and contacts are ways to communicate with that person. You will recognize contacts in a metacontact easily as small icons representing the IM services you could use to communicate with that person.

Kopete is intended for all levels of users. Out of the box, it supports a minimal set of functions to make chatting as easy as possible. More advanced users can add extra functions such as Statistics with Kopete's plugin system.

More Kopete Information on the Web

If you need to contact the team, the Kopete developers' mailing list is hosted at

If you want live support, there is an Internet Relay Chat channel for Kopete where you can find the team discussing technical (well, not always) issues or just hanging out. You can use any IRC client to join the channel (including Kopete), just add an IRC contact and use as the server and #kopete as the channel name. See you there!