Go Online and Start Chatting!

Now you'll notice that an icon representing the account has appeared in the status bar at the bottom of the Kopete Contact List window. This represents your current presence for this account. Right click on it and you can go online from the menu that appears. The status bar icon will animate while Kopete connects to the IM service.

Once you're online, if you've used this IM service before, your contacts will be fetched from the server and displayed in the Contact List. To start a chat with a contact, just click their name and a Chat window will appear. The upper part of the window is where the conversation appears - to say something, type into the bottom part of the window and click Send.

If you've just created a new account you won't have any contacts. See Adding Contacts for details on how to add contacts.


The shortcut for Send is set to Ctrl+Enter by default; you can change it in the Chat window using SettingsConfigure Shortcuts....