Chapter 9. Credits and License

Kopete: copyright 2001-2007, Kopete Developers

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The Team

Current Development Team

  • Pali Rohár (pali.rohar at gmail com): Developer and Maintainer

  • Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett (duncan at kde org): Original author, developer, and project leader

  • Till Gerken (till at tantalo net): Developer, Jabber maintainer

  • Olivier Goffart (ogoffart at tiscalinet be): Lead Developer, WLM Plugin Maintainer

  • Andy Goossens (andygoossens at telenet be): Developer

  • Grzegorz Jaskiewicz (gregj at pointblue com pl): Developer, Gadu-gadu Plugin Maintainer

  • Jason Keirstead (jason at keirstead org): Developer

  • Matt Rogers (mattr at kde org): Lead Developer, AIM and ICQ plugin maintainer

  • Richard Smith (lilachaze at hotmail com): Developer, UI maintainer

  • Will Stephenson (lists at stevello free-online co uk): Developer, icons, plugins, manual author

  • Michel Hermier (michel.hermier at wanadoo fr): IRC Plugin Maintainer

  • Andre Duffeck (andre at duffeck de): Developer: Developer, Yahoo plugin maintainer

  • Michaël Larouche (michael.larouche at kdemail net): Developer, WLM, Chat Window.

Former Developers (Kopete Hall Of Fame)

These people have moved on from Kopete, so don't contact them for Kopete support. We're eternally grateful for their contributions.

  • Christopher TenHarmsel (tenharmsel at users sourceforge net)Developer, Oscar hacker

  • Ryan Cumming (ryan at kde org): Core developer

  • Richard Stellingwerff (remenic at linuxfromscratch org): Developer

  • Hendrik vom Lehn (hennevl at hennevl de): Developer

  • Stefan Gehn (sgehn at gmx net): Developer

  • Robert Gogolok (robertgogolock at gmx de): Developer

  • Nick Betcher (nbetcher at kde org): Original author of ICQ, AIM and IRC plugins

  • Daniel Stone (dstone at kde org): Original Jabber plugin author

  • James Grant (topace at lightbox org): Developer, importer Plugin author

  • Zack Rusin (zack at kde org): Developer, old Gadu-gadu Plugin author

  • Gav Wood (gav at kde org): WinPopup Plugin author

  • Martijn Klingens (klingens at kde org): Developer, WLM hacker


Documentation copyright 2003,2004,2005 Will Stephenson (lists at stevello free-online co uk), copyright 2005 Matt Rogers (mattr at kde org), copyright 2005,2006 Michaël Larouche (michael.larouche at kdemail net).