Frequently-used IRC commands

The following is a short list of frequently-used IRC commands. See RFC 2812 for a complete list of all commands, or visit For a list of commands treated specially by Konversation, see Konversation commands.


Lists commands available on the current server. Not supported by all servers.

/help cmd

Provides help for cmd. Not supported by all servers.

/join #channel

Joins #channel. If the channel does not already exist, it is created and you are the channel operator.


Leaves the current channel and closes the channel tab.

/part #channel

Leaves #channel and closes the corresponding channel tab. Synonym for /leave

/me msg

Sends msg to the channel preceded by your nickname. For example, if your nickname were Tux, typing /me brews a cup a tea. displays the message Tux brews a cup of tea. Unless they've filtered against these types of messages, all users see it. This kind of message is typically used to convey non-verbal information, such as your current emotional state, or what you are physically doing. If you are leaving your workstation for a short time, use the /away command instead.

/away msg

If anyone tries to send you a private message or invite you to a channel, they will be told that you are away from your workstation with msg.


Cancels an /away msg command.

/query nick

Creates a new tab with the user's nick for private conversation, commonly known on IRC as a Query. Everything written here is only visible to you and your query partner.

/msg nick msg

Sends msg to the user with nickname nick. Only nick sees the message. Use /query for longer conversations.

/invite nick

Invites the user with nickname nick to join a channel. This command is especially useful if the channel is invite-only.