Chapter 1. Introduction

Konversation is an IRC client built on Qt™ and KDE Frameworks5. It offers the following features:

  • SSL support.

  • User-friendly tabbed interface.

  • Customizable Quick Buttons for often-used commands.

  • Automatic reconnect and rejoin.

  • DCC send and receive.

  • Nickname watch list.

  • Visual and auditory notifications for a wide variety of events, such as messages containing your nickname, or nicknames on your watch list going online or offline.

  • Customizable highlighting of messages by nickname or regular expression pattern.

  • Nickname completion.

  • Capture and save all URLs appearing in messages.

  • On-screen display of messages, even when minimized.

  • Nickname ignore list.

  • Automatic logging and log management.

  • Marking of lines in logs.

  • Scripting.

The Konversation website is Further information like a FAQ and tips and tricks you find in the Konversation UserBase page.

Developers for Konversation can often be contacted via IRC at channel #konversation.