Message highlighting

You can control how messages are displayed in channel and query screens.

To activate the highlighting feature, choose SettingsConfigure Konversation on the main menu. The Configure screen will appear.

The Highlighting screen

Click here to select the Highlight screen.

Click here to add a new item to the Highlight list. When an item in the list is selected, you may edit it in the panel below.

Enter a string pattern here. Any message received that matches this pattern, anywhere in the message, will activate the highlighting for the message.

If the pattern is found in a message, the entire message will be displayed in the color you select here.

If you wish, Konversation will play a sound when the pattern is matched. Click the button to choose an audio file to be played. Click the test button to hear the sound.

If you'd like for Konversation to automatically send a reply message when the pattern is matched, enter the message here. Use this feature with caution, as you may annoy IRC users with too much chatter if not careful. You can also enter IRC or Konversation commands here.

If you have configured sounds for any of your highlights, you can disable all of them by unchecking this box.

This highlight will only be searched for in chat windows listed here by name, or in all chat windows if the field is left empty. Multiple names have to be separated by commas.

If you check this box, whenever someone mentions your nickname in a message, the message will be displayed in the color you choose at the right.

Normally, highlighting does not apply to messages you type. If you wish to highlight the messages you type, check this box and choose a color at the right.