Sending and receiving files

You may send files via IRC to other users online, or they may send you files.

WARNING: Never open a file someone sends you unless they are a trusted source. It could be a virus.

To send a file to someone in a channel, click with the right mouse button on the nickname of the person in the Nick Panel of the Main screen. Choose Send File . A dialog appears for you to choose a file to send. Next, a new DCC Status tab appears.

DCC Status tab

The nickname of the recipient and file name appear here.

The Status column indicates the status of the file send or receive as follows:


A receiving transfer is checking for resumable files or a sending transfer is acquiring the data to send.


Konversation is trying to establish a connection with the other end.


Konversation is sending the file to the other end.


Konversation is receiving the file from the other end.


The file has been successfully transferred.


The transfer is waiting for the partner to accept or reject it.


Either you clicked the Abort button, or the other person aborted the transfer.


An error occurred and the transfer was not successful.


Transfer is waiting for you to accept or reject it.


When a transfer begins but the file already exists on the user's system, the user will be prompted File already exists. Resume transfer? This status indicates the user resumed the transfer.

When someone wants to send you a file, the DCC Status tab will be created (if not already created). Click the DCC Status tab to display it. Click the file to select it, then click this button to accept the file and the transfer will begin. Note: You may configure Konversation to automatically accept sends from other people by choosing SettingsConfigure Konversation on the main menu. Click Behavior to expand it, then click DCC to display the DCC screen.

If you have trouble sending or receiving files, your firewall or router may be blocking DCC ports. See Questions and Answers.