Chapter 6. Kontact On the Command Line

Kontact has several command line arguments that can be used for certain actions.

First of all, Kontact supports command line arguments that all KF5/Qt™ applications support, see the man pages qt5options and kf5options.

Kontact also supports several command line arguments specific to it.

Command Line Arguments

Module-related Arguments

To get a list of available Kontact modules, you can type:

% kontact --list

Then, to start Kontact with a module active, type:

% kontact --module moduleName

Where moduleName is one of the modules obtained using the previous command.

Startup-related Arguments

To start Kontact in iconified mode[1], you can type:

% kontact --iconify

[1] Iconified mode is also called minimized; it is when the application window is hidden and the application is available only in the taskbar.