Access Keys

Konqueror has full support for the accesskey HTML attribute in forms and links. Access keys allow you to use the keyboard keys for functions which would perhaps normally be done with the mouse, such as following links. The benefit of this is, quite simply, that users can interact with a page with devices other than a pointing device.

This feature has to be enabled by checking the Enable Access Key activation with Ctrl key option on the Web Browsing settings page.

To activate the access keys in Konqueror, press and release Ctrl. Once this is pressed, if a particular link on the website has the accesskey attribute in the given link, then the character(s) should appear over the link, identifying what needs to be pressed. Then, you can enter the character(s) associated with the link as an alternative to following the link with the mouse. To disable the access keys once activated you can press Ctrl again.


The proper use of this feature requires that the web designer of the page has specifically assigned, using the accesskey attribute, an access key for the link. Many web designers might not include the accesskey in their links and forms, and consequently this feature will be unusable on the given webpage.