Xavier Vello

Revision Applications 16.12 (2016-11-08)

Bookmarks home page

This module lets you configure the bookmarks home page.

To view the bookmarks home page enter bookmarks:/ in the location bar.

The settings in this module are also accessible by entering bookmarks:/config in the location bar.

General settings

Number of columns to show

Folders are automatically distributed in several columns. The optimal number of columns depends on the width of the Konqueror window and the number of bookmarks you have.

Show folder backgrounds

Disable it on slow system to disable background images.


Show bookmarks without folder

If this option is unchecked, bookmarks at the root of the hierarchy (not in a folder) are not displayed. If checked, they are gathered in a "root" folder.

Flatten bookmarks tree

Sub-folders are shown within their parent by default. If you activate this option, sub-folders are displayed on their own. It looks less nice but it may help if you have a very big folder you want to spread in two columns.

Show system places

Show a box with common places (Home, Network, ...). Useful if you use Konqueror as a file manager.

Pixmap cache

Disk cache size

Specify how much disk space is used to cache the pixmaps.

Clear Cache

Remove all cached images. This may be necessary if some favicons become corrupt and don't refresh automatically.