Tool Reference

A quick way to select a tool in KolourPaint is to press the single key shortcut associated with it, documented below and in the Tool Box tooltips. You can also hold Alt+Shift while pressing the key, which is necessary when you are writing text (as the single key shortcuts will be disabled). For example, to select the brush, press Alt+Shift+B or just B (when not writing text).

Brush (B)
Color Eraser (O)
Color Picker (C)
Connected Lines (N)
Curve (V)
Ellipse (E)
Eraser (A)
Flood Fill (F)
Line (L)
Pen (P)
Polygon (G)
Rectangle (R)
Rounded Rectangle (U)
Selection (Elliptical) (I)
Selection (Free-Form) (M)
Selection (Rectangular) (S)
Spraycan (Y)
Text (T)