Chapter 5. KmPlot Reference

Function Syntax

Some syntax rules must be complied with:

		name(var1[, var2])=term [;extensions]

The function name. If the first character is r the parser assumes that you are using polar coordinates. If the first character is x (for instance xfunc) the parser expects a second function with a leading y (here yfunc) to define the function in parametric form.


The function's variable.


The function group parameter. It must be separated from the function's variable by a comma. You can use the group parameter to, for example, plot a number of graphs from one function. The parameter values can be selected manually or you can choose to have a slider bar that controls one parameter. By changing the value of the slider the value parameter will be changed. The slider can be set to an integer between 0 and 100.


The expression defining the function.