Chapter 1. Introduction

KmPlot is a mathematical function plotter by KDE. It has a powerful built-in parser. You can plot different functions simultaneously and combine them to build new functions.


KmPlot supports several different types of plots:

  • Explicit cartesian plots of the form y = f(x).

  • Parametric plots, where the x and y components are specified as functions of an independent variable.

  • Polar plots of the form r = r(θ).

  • Implicit plots, where the x and y coordinates are related by an expression.

  • Explicit differential plots.

KmPlot also provides some numerical and visual features like:

  • Filling and calculating the area between the plot and the first axis.

  • Finding maximum and minimum values.

  • Changing function parameters dynamically.

  • Plotting derivatives and integral functions.

These features help in learning the relationship between mathematical functions and their graphical representation in a coordinate system.