Chapter 1. Introduction


Strategy, Dice

Number of possible players:


KJumpingCube is a simple tactical game. You can play it against the computer or a friend - or you can set up a game between two computer players and just watch.

That can be a good idea if you have not played KJumpingCube before. See Frequently asked questions, How do I get started in this game?.

The playing area is a box of cubes containing points. When the game starts each cube has one point, no owner and a neutral color. If you click on a neutral cube it becomes yours, changes to your color and increases by one point. Your objective is to capture all the cubes, but now it is your opponent's turn.

Players move and add points by clicking on neutral cubes or their own cubes.

The only way to capture your opponent's cubes is to increase a cube's value until it reaches a maximum and expands into neighboring cubes. Then those cubes become yours, even if they belonged to your opponent before.

Sometimes a neighbor will also reach a maximum value and expand and a cascade of moves will spread across the board. Large numbers of cubes can suddenly change hands and this is where KJumpingCube becomes interesting and challenging.