Chapter 4. Interface Overview

The Toolbar

The Stop/Start Button

This large button appears at the top left of the toolbar and is used to provide control over animations and computer moves, especially if the computer has the first move, is playing against itself or is taking too long to move. The button can also be used for stepping through a game or a move, to let beginning players view each step at their own pace. Check boxes in the settings dialog turn the step mode on or off (see the Game Configuration section for more details).

The button has three states:


It is possible to stop or interrupt a computer calculation, an animation or a computer v. computer game.


It is possible to start or continue a computer move, an animation or a computer v. computer game.


The button is disabled and a human action is expected, such as making the next move.

In each case, the button contains some text to indicate what action can be done or is expected, such as  Stop animation or Your turn.

If you stop the calculation of a computer move, the computer will pick the best move it has so far. If you interrupt an animation (e.g. a cascade that is taking too long), the move will proceed to its conclusion immediately.

Standard Toolbar Buttons


A shortcut to enter the settings dialog and change playing conditions. See the Game Configuration section for more details.


Start a new game.


Load a previously saved game.


Save the current game.


Get a hint as to the best move to make next. The hint is calculated by computer player 1 or 2, depending on whether you are human player 1 or 2. See the Game Configuration section for more details.


Undo a previous move, repeatedly if required. Note: It is possible to undo the closing moves of a completed game and investigate alternative endings.


Redo a move that was undone, repeatedly if required.