Chapter 2. How to Play


Take over all the cubes on the game board.

KJumpingCube loads directly into game mode, so you can start playing right away. If Player 1 is a computer player, you must click to get started.

If you have not played KJumpingCube before, try watching a game or two where the computer plays against itself. See Frequently asked questions, How do I get started in this game?.

You move by clicking on a neutral cube or one you already own. If you click on a neutral cube, you gain ownership over it and the cube’s color changes to your playing color. Each time you click on a cube, the value of the cube increases by one. If the cube's value reaches a maximum, some of its points move to the cube’s immediate neighbors (the points jump around). If a neighboring cube happens to be owned by the other player, it is captured, together with all of its points, and changes to your playing color.


If a cube in the centre reaches five points, four of its points go to its four neighbors leaving the source cube with one point. It is possible to start a cascade of automatic moves if any of the neighbors cubes also reaches a maximum.


Large parts of the playing area can change hands very rapidly. You can use animation settings to help you follow what is happening then. See the Game Configuration section for more details.

The winner is the player who ends up owning all the cubes on the board.