Friedrich W. H. Kossebau

Revision Applications 16.12 (2016-12-11)

The network ioslave enables the user to browse the devices connected to the local network and the services running on them. It it also possible to start programs for services whose type is known.

To see all the devices found, enter network://.

network://hostname_of_device will list the services found to be running on a device.

Selecting a service will forward to a url which matches the service, given there is a suitable, e.g. ssh://hostname_of_device:port/ for a SSH service. Each known service type has a mimetype assigned to it, so a user can assign new handlers for the resulting urls. This is done with the control module File Associations in System Settings. The mimetypes of the services are currently all named inode/vnd.kde.service.*.


The network kioslave currently only finds and displays devices and services which are actively advertising themselves using the service discovery framework DNS-SD.