Online Help

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On this page, you can find different ways to find online help and additional information provided by the KDE community.

KDE UserBase

An Introduction to KDE 

Learn more about the KDE community and its software and find information to help you get started. Also, discover what UserBase is and how it can help you.

Getting Help 

Need some help? Here are some suggested places where you can get help with problems, as well some hints on how to improve the quality of answers you receive.


Discover the wide variety of applications from the KDE Community, and find out what program suits your needs and preferences.


How-To's, Tips & Tricks that can help make your KDE software experience more enjoyable and productive.

KDE Forum

KDE Community Forums 

The KDE Forums offer users, developers and people interested in KDE a place to help each other, discuss KDE-related topics and exchange ideas. You can find Tutorials & Tips in the forum.

KDE Techbase

KDE Techbase 

Information for developers and help to set up a KDE development environment.

KDE Documentation

KDE Documentation site 

This page holds the complete KDE User Documentation in over 25 languages for the released and the development version of KDE Frameworks™, KDE Plasma Workspaces™ and Applications™.