Chapter 2. Quick Start to KGeography

When you run KGeography for the first time, it first asks you to choose a map to start with.


You can filter the map list using Filter Maps text field. Just enter a few first letters of the map name to narrow down the list to a few matches.

Here's a screenshot of KGeography at first start

Here we choose Canada

Canada is chosen

And KGeography main window appears with the map of Canada:

KGeography main window

You can then choose what type of learning or testing you want to do by looking at the menu on the left:

KGeography menu

Explore Map: a left mouse button click on an area of the map will display information about that area, if you click on the small   Info icon on the popmap, it will open the wikipedia page for that division in the system's default browser:

Browse the map

Location of Provinces or Territories: you are first asked how many questions you want.

How many questions

Then you are asked to click on a specific province:

Click on a province

When you finish all the questions, a result dialog is shown with your correct and uncorrect answers:

Your results

Place Provinces or Territories in the Map: the cursor takes the shape of a province and you have to place it in the map:

Place a division in the map

Provinces or Territories by Capital: you are asked to find the name of a province among a choice of 4 given its capital:

Guess a division from its capital

And the results are displayed when the test is finished:

Your results

Capitals of Provinces and Territories: you have a capital and four province names and you must choose the correct one. As before, at the end a result dialog is shown.

Provinces or Territories by Flag: a flag is shown and you must find the province it belongs to.

the flag question

Flags of Provinces and Territories: a province name is given and you must find the correct flag among four.

match the flag with the province