Some useful keyboard shortcuts

KDevelop's editor follows the standard keyboard shortcuts for all usual editing operations. However, it also supports a number of more advanced operations when editing source code, some of which are bound to particular key combinations. The following are frequently particularly helpful:

Jumping around in code
Ctrl+Alt+OQuick open file: enter part of a filename and select among all the files in the current session's projects' directory trees that match the string; the file will then be opened
Ctrl+Alt+CQuick open class: enter part of a class name and select among all class names that match; the cursor will then jump to the class declaration
Ctrl+Alt+MQuick open function: enter part of a (member) function name and select among all names that match; note that the list shows both declarations and definitions and the cursor will then jump to the selected item
Ctrl+Alt+QUniversal quick open: type anything (file name, class name, function name) and get a list of anything that matches to select from
Ctrl+Alt+NOutline: Provide a list of all things that are happening in this file, e.g. class declarations and function definitions
Ctrl+,Jump to definition of a function if the cursor is currently on a function declaration
Ctrl+.Jump to declaration of a function or variable if the cursor is currently in a function definition
Ctrl+Alt+PageDownJump to next function
Ctrl+Alt+PageUpJump to previous function
Ctrl+GGoto line

Searching and replacing
F3Find next
Ctrl+Alt+FFind-Replace in multiple files

Other things
Ctrl+_Collapse one level: remove this block from view, for example if you want to focus on the bigger picture within a function
Ctrl++Expand one level: undo the collapsing
Ctrl+DComment out selected text or current line
Ctrl+Shift+DComment in selected text or current line
Alt+Shift+DDocument the current function. If the cursor is on a function or class declaration then hitting this key will create a doxygen-style comment pre-populated with a listing of all parameters, return values, etc.
Ctrl+TTranspose the current and the previous character
Ctrl+KDelete the current line (note: this is not just emacs' delete from here to the end of the line)