The Main window

The main KDiskFree window displays the available file devices.

Normally, the following pieces of information are included:

KDiskFree Screen
  • an icon depicting the type of storage

  • device name

  • filesystem type

  • total size

  • mount point

  • free disk space

  • the percentage of space used as a number and as a graph.

Left clicking on the header of a particular column sorts the devices according to that variable. A second left click sorts in the opposite order.

Clicking with the right mouse button on a row pops up a menu. If that device is not currently mounted, the Mount Device option is available. If the device is mounted, it can be unmounted by choosing Unmount Device. Selecting Open in File Manager opens a new window with a graphical view of the files on that device.

The setting for the file manager used by KDiskFree is independent from the choice in the System Settings module Default Applications.