Archive slices

As a medium has normally limited capacity (e.g. 100MB ZIP disc), KBackup will create several archive slices.

Each archive slice will get its own name, which looks like this:


The name contains the creation date and time (which will be the same for all slices of one backup) and a trailing slice sequence number (_1 in this example).

In the menu FileProfile Settings..., you can define a different archive prefix than the default backup.

In the Profile Settings dialog, you can also define a maximum archive slice size, which limits the slice size even if there would be more space left on the target device. This helps to create archive slices which can then be later burned on a CD/DVD, etc. If you explicitly limit the size of an archive slice, the available size will be marked with (*) in the main window.

But even if you define a slice to be of unlimited size, there are other constraints which limit the size of a slice:

  • limited by the target folder (when stored directly into a local folder)

  • limited by the /tmp folder when we create a tmp file for later upload to a remote URL

In the Profile Settings, you can also define a maximum number of full backups being kept in the target folder, and therefore automatically deleting all older backups there. e.g. if you set it to 3, KBackup will keep the last 3 backups and delete all older ones.