Working with Files

Once an archive has been opened, you can perform various operations on the files inside the archive. By selecting a file and using the File menu, you can choose different operations to perform:

  • Preview (Ctrl+P) will open the file with Ark's internal viewer. This is a fast read-only viewer, but does not support all file types.

  • Open will open the file in the associated application for that file type.

  • Open With... allows you to choose which application to open the file with.

  • Delete (Del) will remove the currently selected file(s) from the archive. Note that this action is undoable.

  • Extract (Ctrl+E) opens a submenu with previously accessed folders, and you can choose to quickly extract into any of these or browse to a non-listed folder. See the next section for more details on extraction.

Editing Files

If you edit and save a file which you opened using Open or Open With..., Ark will ask you if you want to update the file in the archive. If you answer Yes, the archive will be updated with the saved file.