Chapter 2. Using KAppTemplate

KAppTemplate is a wizard. The first page of the wizard explains you that KAppTemplate will generate a base project. Click Next to start generating your project. Cancel will stop the program and quit it. Help will display this help handbook in KHelpCenter.

KAppTemplate first page

The second page lists the available templates. On the right you can see the template preview and below the template description. After you chose your template, you are invited to enter the project name in the field at the bottom.

KAppTemplate second page

On the third page, you are asked for the project version, the source folder and the author name and email. If you filled System Settings tab about your personal information, it will be taken from there as default.

KAppTemplate third page

The fourth and last page gives you some feedback about the project generation.

KAppTemplate fourth page

Then click Finish to close KAppTemplate.