Chapter 1. Introduction

KAppTemplate is an application to start development quickly using existing templates providing basic repeatedly written code and a proper structure.

KAppTemplate offers you a few basic templates projects and also picks up Plasma and KDevelop templates if some are installed on your machine.

As default you will find:

  • A QML Application template

  • A KDE 4 KPart template

  • A C++ KDE Frameworks template

  • A Minimal C++ KDE Frameworks template

  • An Akonadi resource template

  • An Akonadi serializer plugin

Answer the wizard questions on each page and generate your template.


A README file in each template will allow you to find out how to build the template. It will also give you links for tutorials related to the project. After the project is generated, KAppTemplate's job is finished and you are on your own to build it.