Chapter 1. Quick Start

Creating a new project

Kdenlive directory structure

Kdenlive directory structure

The first step is creating a new (empty) folder for our new project. I will call it quickstart-tutorial/ in this tutorial. Then get some sample video clips, or download them from here:kdenlive-tutorial-videos-2011-avi.tar.bz2 (7 MB)[1], and extract them to e.g. a quickstart-tutorial/Videos/ subfolder inside the project folder.

The image on the left shows the suggested directory structure: Each project has its own directory, with video files in the Videos subdirectory, audio files in the Audio directory, etc. (read more)

(The tutorial from now on assumes that you use the sample videos provided, but it works with any.)

New Project dialog

New Project dialog

Open Kdenlive and create a new project (FileNew).

Choose the previously created project folder (quickstart-tutorial/) and select an appropriate project profile. The video files provided above are 720p, 23.98 fps.[2] If you are using your own files and don’t know which one to use, Kdenlive will suggest an appropriate one when the first clip is added [3] , so you can leave the field on whatever it is.

[1] If you prefer Theora (which you probably don’t since Ogg Video usually causes problems), you can alternatively download kdenlive-tutorial-videos-2011-ogv.tar.bz2.

[2] 720 is the video height, p stands for progressive scan in contrast to interlaced video, and the fps number denotes the number of full frames per second.

[3] Provided Configure Kdenlive Settings under Misc is set to Check if first added clip matches project profile