Using the Command Line

In addition to the command line options listed in the section Command Line which are used to start Kwave in iconified mode or without splash screen, you can pass text commands on the command line, encoded in a special URI format:

kwave:command[?parameter[,parameter ...] ]

The rules for transforming a Kwave text command into a valid URI are as follows:

  • The URI starts with the word kwave, followed by a : and the command name.

  • If the command has parameters, they have to be appended after the command name, using a ? as separator.

  • Multiple parameters can be appended by using a , as separator.

  • All special characters in command name and parameters have to be URL encoded. Here a list of the translations:

    Table 4.1. URL Encoding Translation Table

    originalencoded originalencoded originalencoded originalencoded
    (space)%20 (%28 :%3A \%5C
    !%21 )%29 ;%3B ]%5D
    "%22 *%2A <%3C ^%5E
    #%23 +%2B =%3D _%5F
    $%24 ,%2C >%3E `%60
    %%25 -%2D ?%3F {%7B
    &%26 .%3E @%40 |%7C
    '%27 /%2F [%5B }%7D