Syntax: delayed( milliseconds, command )

Executes a command after a given delay. Please note that the command is executed asynchronously after the given time has elapsed. Multiple commands can be queued, where the delays are relative to the last queued command. This command is intended to be used for queuing commands when taking screenshots for documentation purposes.


milliseconds:number of whole milliseconds to wait before executing the command
command:a command, including parameters to be executed after the given delay


Syntax: delete()

Deletes the currently selected range of samples. If the selection is empty, this command does nothing. Affects all tracks.


Syntax: delete_track(index)

Deletes a track, identified by its index (starting from zero). If no track with the given index exists, this command exits with an error.


index:index of the track to delete, starting with 0


Syntax: dump_metadata()

Prints a list of all meta data entries to the console, for diagnostic purposes. (Only available when Kwave has been compiled with the option WITH_DEBUG switched on).