Kwave Revision History

This project has been started by Martin Wilz in summer 1998 and has been developed and improved by him and some other people. In November 1999 Thomas Eschenbacher has started to fix some little bugs here and there and stepped into the source code of the program deeper and deeper. Up to today he has extended, rewritten or revised nearly every component of the program and spent much time on improving it.

Since Kwave v0.8.0 the changelog is no longer included in this manual. So if you are interested in a complete list of changes, you can find the full history here: or browse through the sources on your own through the GIT web interface.

Kwave version v0.9.0 is the first version hosted on KDE (kdereview) and SourceForge servers, followed by v0.9.1, the first version for KDE Frameworks5.