Chapter 3. Features

Full Screen Mode

While playing a movie, you can enter full screen mode. This uses the entire monitor to display the movie. Moving the mouse shows a toolbar at the top of the screen in full screen mode. Toggle the full screen mode using the Settings menu, the action in the toolbar, double click on the video or use the shortcut F.

Video Settings

Select this action from the Settings menu to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation. These settings are stored together with the playback position for each video file. This enables you resume playing a video with the selected video settings and the position where you stopped playing.


The shortcut PgUp brings you 10% forward / + 10 seconds forward and PgDown brings you 10% backward / - 10 seconds backward. Use SettingsMenu Toggle (R) to switch to the video menu and select another chapter to play. PlayPlay/Pause (Space) allows you to pause and resume playback if a movie is loaded. PlayStop (S) stops playback. Go to the previous or next chapter of a video with Previous Chapter (,) or Next Chapter (.) from the Play menu.

Volume control

If you play videos with a hidden toolbar, you can use the shortcut M to mute or unmute the sound; and the shortcut V to toggle the display of the volume slider right to the video.

SettingsAspect Ratio

This menu lets you pick the aspect ratio of the playing movie. The aspect ratio is width of movie compared to the height.

Subtitles and Audio Channels

These menu items from the Settings menu are active if there are any subtitles or additional audio channels (e.g. with different languages) available from the currently playing movie. Note that it may take a few seconds of playback before the subtitles or audio channels become available.