The Tools Menu

ToolsBrowse (Ctrl+1)

The mouse will have its normal behavior, left mouse button for dragging the document and following links and right mouse button for adding bookmarks and fit to width.

ToolsZoom (Ctrl+2)

The mouse will work as a zoom tool. Clicking left mouse button and dragging will zoom the view to the selected area, clicking right mouse button will bring the document back to the previous zoom.

ToolsArea Selection (Ctrl+3)

The mouse will work as a rectangular region selection tool. In that mode clicking left mouse button and dragging will draw a selection box and provide the option of copying the selected content to the clipboard, speaking the selected text, or transforming the selection region into an image and saving it to a file.

ToolsText Selection (Ctrl+4)

The mouse will work as a text selection tool. In that mode clicking left mouse button and dragging will give the option of selecting the text of the document. Then, just click with the right mouse button to copy to the clipboard or speak the current selection.

ToolsTable Selection (Ctrl+5)

Draw a rectangle around the text for the table, then use the click with the left mouse button to divide the text block into rows and columns. A left mouse button click on a existing line removes it and merges the adjacent rows or columns.

ToolsMagnifier (Ctrl+6)

Activates the magnifier mode for the mouse pointer. Press and hold the left mouse button to activate magnifier widget, move the pointer for panning through the document. The magnifier scales each pixel in the document into 10 pixels in the magnifier widget.

ToolsReview (F6)

Open the review toolbar. The review toolbar allows you to add annotations on the document you are reading. For more information, please see the section about Annotations.

ToolsSpeak Whole Document , ToolsSpeak Current Page , ToolsStop Speaking , ToolsPause/Resume Speaking

These items allow you to speak the whole document or just the current page and stop speaking using the system speech service. This service is provided by a Qt™ library which wraps speech-dispatcher on Linux®, and native speech systems on other platforms. It is possible to choose the current voice via Okular Accessibility configuration page.

The Speak ... actions are enabled only if a speech service is available in the system.