Show scrollbars

Whether to show scrollbars for the document view.

Link the thumbnails with the page

Whether the thumbnails view should always display the current page or not.

Show hints and info messages

Whether to show some informative messages on startup, file load, etc.

Display document title in titlebar if available

Whether to show the current document title in the titlebar of Okular window. If no metadata for title found in the document or this item is unchecked Okular shows filename of the document.

When not displaying document title

You can choose any of two options, Display file name only or Display full file path.

Use custom background color

Enables choosing the document background color (the color around the displayed page). By default, the Qt™ toolkit color is used when this option is unchecked.

Open new files in tabs

Whether to open new documents in tabs. The tabs are disabled by default.

The default shortcuts to switch between tabs are Ctrl+. (Next tab) and Ctrl+, (Previous tab).

Obey DRM limitations

Whether Okular should obey DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions. DRM limitations are used to make it impossible to perform certain actions with PDF documents, such as copying content to the clipboard. Note that in some configurations of Okular, this option is not available.

Reload document on file change

Whether opened files should be automatically checked for changes and updated, if necessary.

Show backend selection dialog

Whether Okular should ask the user which backend to use in case of more than one backend able to open the current file. If unchecked, Okular will use the backend with the highest priority.

Right to left reading direction

Whether to use right to left reading direction by default for the opened files. Can be useful for some writing systems.

Overview columns

This option represents the number of columns to use in the overview mode.

Page Up/Down overlap

Here you can define the percentage of the current viewing area that should be visible after pressing Page Up/Page Down keys.

Default Zoom

This options specifies the default zoom mode for file which were never opened before. For those files which were opened before the previous zoom mode is applied.