Chapter 3. Playing KSnake

Table of Contents

Using the keyboard


Once the game is started, the player does not stop moving forward (unless the game is paused). All you have to do is avoid crashing by changing your direction. A game starts when you press a direction key. The initial moving direction is then in this direction.

If you want to pause playing, select Pause from the Game menu or hit the keyboard shortcut (see section Default Shortcuts). Additionally the game is paused when the game loses the keyboard focus, e.g. when switching to an other window.

To continue the game, select the menu item Pause or hit the keyboard shortcut again. The game will also continue if you press one of the direction keys. But be careful, your player switches to this direction immediately.

In the game there will always be a piece of fruit on the map. If you collect it your score will increase with 5 points. The current score is always displayed in the status bar.

When you are moving through the map there will appear obstacles. Hitting them will also result in a crash. However, every time an obstacle appears and you survive you'll be rewarded 2 points

You can change the difficulty level of the game using the game menu item or the select box on the status bar. The difficulty influences the speed of the game.