The Help Menu

Kolf has a default KDE Help menu as described below, with one addition:


Start the tutorial course of Kolf.

The default KDE Help entries are:

HelpKolf Handbook (F1)

Invokes the KDE Help system starting at the Kolf help pages. (this document).

HelpWhat's This? (Shift+F1)

Changes the mouse cursor to a combination arrow and question mark. Clicking on items within Kolf will open a help window (if one exists for the particular item) explaining the item's function.

HelpReport Bug...

Opens the Bug report dialog where you can report a bug or request a wishlist feature.

HelpSwitch Application Language...

Opens a dialog where you can edit the Primary language and Fallback language for this application.

HelpAbout Kolf

This will display version and author information.

HelpAbout KDE

This displays the KDE version and other basic information.