Chapter 5. Game Configuration

The Knights configuration dialog allows you to change visual options, as well as select themes for Knights.

Once you are satisfied with the changes you have selected you can make the changes by either clicking the Apply or the OK button, located at the bottom part of the dialog. Clicking OK will also close the configuration dialog.

If, however, you are dissatisfied with your changes – simply click Cancel to discard the changes and close the configuration dialog. You must click Cancel before clicking Apply or OK.


The General section contains options on the general appearance of Knights. Animations of the pieces and board can be enabled or modified. The animations section is visible based upon system software, and is seen only if animations are available. Turning around the board is available, allowing the Knights chess board to be flipped when used on a computer screen or stationary when used on a tablet computer as a chess board replacement. All three types of markers can be enabled or disabled. Borders around the chess board can be activated with or without algebraic chess notation by using a drop down menu.


Some themes may not support markers, borders and/or notations. In this case, the configuration will have no effect on them, but will be remembered in case you change themes again.