Chapter 1. Introduction

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Killbots is a simple game of evading killer robots. Who created the robots and why they have been programmed to destroy, no one knows. All that is known is that the robots are numerous and their sole objective is to destroy you. Fortunately for you, their creator has focused on quantity rather than quality and as a result the robots are severely lacking in intelligence. Your superior wit and a fancy teleportation device are your only weapons against the never-ending stream of mindless automatons.


This documentation frequently refers to robots, junkheaps, etc., but Killbots is fully themeable. That means the game sprites you see while playing might not match the futuristic themed ones described here. The game play and strategies, however, will remain the same, even if your hero is a carrot being chased through a garden patch by ravenous rabbits.


Killbots supports multiple game types which control the game parameters and determine which game features are included. This documentation attempts to be generic and not specific to any one game type. Check the description and details of your current game type in the Configure Killbots dialog for more detailed information on game mechanics with respect to grid size, rounds, scoring, energy, etc.