Chapter 3. Interface Overview

Movement Controls

The player has the option of using either the keyboard, the mouse or both to control the hero.

Keyboard Movement Controls

There are nine different movement actions: left, right, up, down, the four diagonals, and stand still. Each of these actions can be assigned to two different keyboard keys. By default these nine actions are assigned to the nine number keys of the numeric keypad and to a 3 by 3 block of letters at the left end of a QWERTY keyboard. Of course, users using a different keyboard layout or one lacking a numeric keypad can modify these key assignments using the shortcuts configuration dialog.

Each of the special movement commands (such as teleport) can also be issued from the keyboard. See Move.

Mouse Movement Controls

The mouse (or any other pointing device) can be used to navigate in a more natural, intuitive way. As the pointer moves over the main game area, the cursor will change to indicate the direction of the pointer relative to the hero. For example, moving the pointer to the space above the hero will change the cursor to an up arrow. If the pointer is placed immediately over the hero, the cursor changes to indicate no movement.

A single left-click will cause the hero to step in the indicated direction (provided such a step is permitted). For convenience, one can assign additional actions to the right and middle mouse buttons in the Configure Killbots dialog. These actions include those found in the Move menu, as well as additional option: Repeated Step. Performing a repeated step causes the hero to move in the indicated direction for several consecutive turns until an obstruction is reached or continued movement would be unsafe. One can also halt a repeated step by clicking again while the move is in progress.