Game Tips

  • When Bovo is started the first time, it needs resizing. Resize the game window to desired size, and Bovo will scale up the playing board.

  • The first time Bovo is started it is launched in demo mode, where two AI players battle each other.

  • When Bovo is exited prior to game over, the active game is auto saved. If Bovo detects an auto saved game at startup, it is restored. If not, Bovo launches a demo mode.

  • You can always start a new game with the New button in the toolbar, the GameNew menu entry in the menubar or with the default shortcut Ctrl+N.

  • If a new game is started when a game is already active, it is counted as a loss.

  • Changing the difficulty can be done with the Difficulty drop down box in the right end of the status bar, or from the SettingsDifficulty menu in the menubar.

  • The effect of changing difficulty takes place immediately.

  • You can switch the theme of Bovo from the SettingsTheme menu in the menubar. The theme is then switched immediately.

  • Animation can be switched on or off as you like from the SettingsAnimation menu in the menubar.

  • If you just realized you made a very bad move, you have the possibility to undo your last move from the toolbar, the menubar or with the default undo keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z.

    You can keep on undoing moves until you reaches the beginning of the game.

  • If you don't know what move to make, you can get a hint from the computer player with the Hint button. The game piece suggested by the Bovo AI then flashes for a brief period of time.

  • When a game is over, the Replay action is enabled, which starts a replay of the last game.