Grammar Practice Modes

With Parley you can also learn specific grammar structures, such as the gender of nouns, the comparison forms of adjectives and the conjugation of verbs. Let's look at some examples.

Articles and Gender of Nouns

Once the practice mode Gender of Nouns is activated, click on Start Practice.

In the case below we use German as language to learn and so you have three genders to choose from: masculine, feminine and neuter. By clicking on Hint one of the wrong answers gets excluded. Of course you can also decide to Answer Later by clicking on that button.

You should enter the articles for the language in the Editor to see the articles instead of the grammatical gender terms. Also note that this only works, if the gender of the words has been set up properly. See Word Types for more information how to change the word type to the right gender.

When you give the correct answer the following is shown and you go ahead practicing by clicking on Continue.

Should you give the wrong answer the following is shown and you go ahead practicing by clicking on Continue.

You can stop practicing anytime by clicking on Stop Practice.

Comparison Forms of Adjectives and Adverbs

On the Practice screen select Comparison Forms and then click on Start Practice to go ahead.

This only works when the conjugation forms of the word have been entered in the vocabulary collection. See Entering Comparison Forms.

The exercise requires you to enter the comparison forms for the term shown. In this case the translation of the English word old to German. The German language has three forms: absolute, comparative and superlative. To go on with the exercise just click on Continue.


To practice conjugations choose the Conjugations mode and the tenses you wish to exercise.

In the document the conjugation forms of the words have to be entered in order to allow this practice mode to work. See Entering Inflection Forms.

Then click on Start Practice. You are required to enter the correct conjugation forms according to the tense shown. To go ahead click on Continue